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2019 News

  • So thrilled to be returning for my fourth year in Goodman's A Christmas Carol playing Scrooge's niece Frida. Come see us Nov 16th-Dec 29th. 
  • Come see Piven Theatre's Wise Women and Witches reunion reading on Oct 18th at Loyola University Chicago!
  • Watch out for my Instagram takeover for Windy City Playhouse this weekend. I promise there will be beauty tips using frozen spoons and  also some lobster grilled cheese along the way...
  • Thrilled to be returning to Windy City Playhouse's hit show Southern Gothic, April-June 30th. Tickets can be purchased here for this immersive, one of a kind experience. 
  • It's always a pleasure to work with the National Restaurant Association. And you can't beat the view in Sears (I'll die on this hill) Tower.
  • Love this Bustle piece about women in film and An Acceptable Loss by Christine Wolf. 

Both films reveal female characters managing resentment and explosive anger behind furrowed brows, deeply conflicted about expressing authentic voices while navigating a society that historically demands graciousness, gratitude and obedience toward men.In one example from An Acceptable Loss, actress Ali Burch plays “Dee”, an academic administrator repulsed by her new and controversial boss, played by Tika Sumpter. Dee, barely able to make eye contact — let alone offer her hand in greeting — represents anyone who’s tried to mask disdain, standing in direct contrast to women who are taught (or choose) to “grin and bear it”.

  • Read responses from the panel on women in film here

  • I will be part of a Q&A on January 30th with producer Colleen Griffen, casting director Claire Simon, and short filmmaker Claire Cooney immediately following a 7pm screening of An Acceptable Loss at the Wilmette Theatre. We will be discussing the changing roles for women behind and in front of the camera. Tickets can be purchased through their website or on Fandago. 
  • TGMN says, "“An Acceptable Loss” positively blew me away. Filmmaker Joe Chappelle knocks this one out of the park, presenting us with a taut political thriller that dispenses its secrets in exactingly measured doses, careful not to expose too much all at once but always maintaining enough viewer interest to stay hooked.  On top of this, the performances are all solid."

2018 News

  • Check out Heidi Stevens' column in the Chicago Tribune about the character of Frida and Goodman's decision to make Scrooge's nephew Fred into a niece. I love playing this part and am so happy to see that it is resonating with others too. Click here to read the article. 
  • The trailer has dropped for An Acceptable Loss! IFC has picked up distribution rights and will be playing the film in 15 select cities starting January 18th as well as VOD. 
  • An Acceptable Loss premiered in the Chicago Film Festival on October 13th. Joe Chappelle has written and directed something very special. I am honored to be in a diverse cast with complicated women at the forefront of this all too timely political thriller. 
  • I had so much fun shooting a CommonBond commercial last week. I got to cross "driving on camera with a camera mounted to the front and a smoke bomb in the engine" off my very specific bucket list
  • My feature film debut, now called An Acceptable Loss, is premiering at the Chicago Film Festival October 13th and 15th. Tickets can be purchased here. And more news about theatrical release is coming soon. 
  • I'm thrilled to be joining the cast of Windy City's hit show Southern Gothic starting July 28th as Lauren Lyon. Tickets can be purchased here
  • The National Restaurant Associated asked me to return for my second industrial with them. 
  • The Pages, my feature film debut with Jamie Lee Curtis and Tika Sumpter, is about to wrap up post-production!  
  • Windy City Playhouse invited me to be a part of their workshop of Lia Romeo's Green Whales, directed by Maggie Spanuella. 
  • I took part in a workshop reading of A Shayna Maidel  at Timeline Theatre, directed by Vanessa Stalling!
December 2017: Please follow the link for tickets for A Christmas Carol at Goodman Theatre, running till 12/31.
November 2017: My episode of the Will Arnett produced 'Hot Date' will premiere 11/29/17! Check it out on Pop TV.
October 2017: I started rehearsals for the 40th anniversary of A Christmas Carol at the Goodman Theatre where I play Fred, Scrooge's niece. 
August 2017: I wrapped on The Pages (coming 2018). My feature film debut with an obnoxiously talented cast and crew. Upon completion, I asked Deanna Dunagan to adopt me. Response and paperwork still pending. 
July 2017: I loved filming a Community Cares commercial in Kansas City. You should go to Kansas City. It was far hipper than expected. 
June 2017: I performed in Piven Theatre's production of Wise Women and Witches. 
June 2017: Traveled to NYC for an audition and got to shoot this fun thing with her NYC friends while there.